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Resilient • Nurturing • Confident

Her Story

Marina Wilke

Director of Fund Development – JA PLM, Sales Manager –

Marina's Story

When I turned the page on the chapter of my life called Single Parent, it was a plot twist I wasn’t expecting.

The narrative that I had carefully crafted for my future lay in ruins.

When I tried to skip to the end- “you know, the “happily ever after” part?” All of the pages were blank.

It took all of my strength to rewrite each day, trying to figure out how to be a low income, pregnant, single parent without losing myself.

Turns out, I’m lucky to have had a lot of support.

All of the women in my life: my phenomenal friends, my inspiring mother, my compassionate prenatal doctors and my exceptional councillor all helped me come to a realization.

That only I could rewrite my story.

So I worked every day, carrying forward lessons from the earlier chapters until the plot was clear.

With love and guidance, I rebuilt my life.

I bore a daughter, raised a son, built a career, and realized I was enough.  `