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Optimistic • Sensitive • Visionary

Her Story

Marcy Adzich

Sustainability Office at Sir Sandford Fleming Collage, Artist, Eco-Gardner, Beekeeper

Marcy's Story :

As long as I can remember, I’ve lived in an imaginary, wondrous world.  My mother repeats a story that during my earliest birthday parties, I would quietly leave my friends, shut my door and draw alone in my bedroom.

For most of my childhood, I spent countless hours exploring the forest and fields behind my home in Alberta, befriending the trees, insects and animals around me.  I would bring home buckets of tadpoles, wildflowers and stones, then create fantastic drawings, conjuring tales of my plants and animals with great powers.  My parents were lovingly tolerant and understanding, encouraging me as a young girl to explore my freedom out in the physical world and inside my mind.

When I was a young teen, the survey markers with pink tape showed up in the fields staked in neat rows.  Then one day, the field disappeared.  By autumn, the forest was gone and replaced with roads and wooden structures.  The familiar sounds of the forest, fields and ponds silenced.  A few years later, I went to art school and made enormous works with metal and wood, trying to navigate this loss and explore what sustained my spirit and sense of belonging.  These experiences placed me on a path of personal discovery and connected me with great mentors, artists and environmental visionaires.

The wonder and purpose in my life still remains deeply rooted to my childhood callings.  I have lived in many places around the world and am happy to call Peterborough/Nogojiwanong home.  I maintain an art practice in my home studio during the winter season, where my creativity awakens in rediscovering the power and sacred spirit of nature.

In my career, I am blessed to share my time between beekeeping and landscaping through my company Electric City Permaculture.  Keeping bees in the city requires careful stewardship and being fully present when checking the hives.  I have learned a great deal about how the hive functions and how we can adopt these ancient principles to healing ourselves, our communities and the land.  Designing landscapes is creative and physically demanding.  Yet there is a wonderful feeling when restoring a barren space into a vibrant and prosperous habitat, reconnecting ourselves and neighbourhoods to the kingdoms of plants, animals, soils and insects that too belong here with us.

My biggest success story ?

I am the proud mother of a thoughtful and wise young man, who is excited, idealistic and passionate about his generation and future for this world.