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Innovative • Authentic • Nurturing

Her Story

Louise Racine

Owner – Founder Thirteen Moons Wellness, Founder – International Women’s Day Conference Peterborough

Louise's Story

My interest in women’s issues began while working for the federal government in the 70s and 80s when the equity movement was gaining momentum.

In fact, my awareness of gender inequality was sparked at about the age of 10 when I noticed how differently the boys and girls in my family and small Ottawa Valley community were treated.

It’s been a thread that has woven throughout my life to the present.

While I had always been satisfied with my career, as I approached my 40s, I felt a strong urge to doing something meaningful.

So I took a leave of absence and left Ottawa for Toronto.

While there, holistic nutrition and women’s wellness grabbed my attention and I pursued studies in that field.

After graduation, it was time to take my vision to the next level.

In 2000, my partner and I found a magical piece of land in the Kawarthas, and moved into our artist designed eco-friendly home to begin our new life.

My dream of being an entrepreneur took hold and Thirteen Moons was born in May 2001.

Since then, Thirteen Moons has served thousands of women seeking a sanctuary to heal, rest and reflect.

In 2017, I launched the annual IWD Conference in Peterborough, which brings together 150 women to engage, share, and be empowered during a full day of speakers and workshops.

The work towards greater gender equality is still necessary and it’s still important to me to play a role in moving the dial forward.

13 things that inspire me:

  1. Women who take action
  2. Women who make their self-care a priority
  3. Women who support and build up other women
  4. Women who speak their truth with kindness and compassion
  5. The healing power and beauty of Nature
  6. Women who follow their soul path
  7. Women who are committed to personal development
  8. Women who are open to trying something new
  9. Women who value meaningful conversation
  10. A strong, caring and accepting community
  11. Women who aren’t afraid to ask for help
  12. Women who are comfortable in their own skin
  13. Wild Women – women who run with the wolves