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Her Story

Lorie Gill

Internet Marketing Specialist - GILL Solutions Management - Mobile Expense Management Consulting - GILL Technologies Global Communications Inc.

Lorie's Story :

Life is a journey, and best-made plans are often broken, altered or derailed.

I was 18 and had a plan for the next phase of my life.  Having just graduated high school, I was off to further my education the following month to study Business. The plan was to complete my Business degree, in 3 years, then secure a job, settle down to get married around the age of 25, and start a family around 27(ish).

And then… Life happened!

I met a pretty fantastic guy, who swept me off my feet.  Life itself caught me off guard, and I found myself in unchartered territory.  As fate would have it, my next phase plans came to screeching halt after just 1 short term of classes – when I said “YES” and got married at the tender of age of 19.  Those few short months were a whirlwind – and changed the trajectory of my life forever.

Many didn’t think it would last, we were just kids after all, what did we know about marriage?  But together we knew enough of what we didn’t want in a relationship, which pushed us to work harder to achieve the things we did want.  And 30+ years later we’re still together, and stronger than ever.

The whirlwind didn’t stop there.  The following spring, we welcomed our first of (what would later be) 3 children.  And life as we knew it, changed yet again. Although we were young, we were up for the challenge of raising a family, while still growing together as a couple, and running a few businesses along the way.  It wasn’t easy, kids don’t come with manuals, married life isn’t always a bed of roses – and business is a constant learning curve – it’s all hard work (but worth it in the end).

Fast-forward 25 years (give or take), the kids are all young adults, finishing their University careers, and working towards their own plans for the future.  As parents, we were as proud as could be; we had done a pretty fantastic job at raising 3 amazing people. (Yes I’m biased; I’m a proud Momma – Family Is My Everything).

My Family was my WHY!

But with them all on their own journeys, I was left with a “Now What” feeling to fill! We still had our Business and each other – but I needed something more.

My what’s next… led me to the Women’s Business Network of Peterborough, and a new self-discovery journey of my own.  Stepping completely out of my comfort zone. I joined primarily to get out and around like-minded women.  In hopes of making new friends, and perhaps gaining some insight as to what to do next with “Life After Kids”.

I’m shy by nature, so networking at first was extremely tough.  I had been asked to join the WBN a time or two earlier in my business career, but had shied away due to lack of confidence and belief in myself – I didn’t think I’d belong or fit it.  This time was different; I was more open to letting people see me for who I am, and not for what I thought I was supposed to be.  I had made a decision and put forth a conscious effort to get involved, and learn more about the community that I’ve called home for 30+ years.

Fast-forward to 2019, I’m wrapping up my fourth year on the WBN Board as Past President, having served in four different positions in that time.  And during the course of my 5-year membership with the WBN, I’ve personally grown by leaps and bounds, having met so many amazing people along the way.  I’ve been privileged to sit on other Boards, like the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve joined clubs, including Naturally Speaking Toastmasters, and the WBN Book Club.  And I’ve volunteered in numerous ways, including the Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build
Project, the YWCA, Kawartha Food Share, and so many more.

Like I said – Life is a journey, and best-made plans are often broken, altered or derailed.  Although we’re taught so many things throughout the course of our lives, life itself doesn’t come with a manual–nor do kids–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Life is what you make it.  I always wanted to be a Wife, a Mother, and a Business Woman too – I’ve accomplished them all – some things just happened earlier than planned – and that’s okay!   I believe in silver linings, and that there’s something positive in every situation – you just have to look and believe.

Wishing you a wonderful life!