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Resilient • Optimistic • Loyal

Her Story

Lori Burtt

Deputy Mayor - Asphodel Norwood Township - Co-Owner Burtt Excavating

Lori's Story :

We all travel this path we call life. Some of these paths may be travelled in a rather straight and uneventful line. Most of the time, these trails will move in a variety of directions, running up steep hills, then diving down into the bogs and marshes when we least expect it, hitting dead ends just to circle back around before finding the path we are meant to be on.

My steadfast pathway is that of family. I grew up on family farm established in early 1800’s and we are fortunate enough to still reside on that property today. While growing up, I loved the outdoors – all things farm, cows, horses, maple syrup production, gardening, fishing and working at our family resort on North Shore of Rice lake. Fast forward a few years this expanded and moved me into the dairy industry as a “relief milker” and an Ontario Dairy Herd Improvement field tech. Soon after, with my amazing husband of almost 32 years, I embarked into an excavating business and a farm venture.

We have 3 sons who have grown into incredible young men, with fulfilling careers of their own. Again, this is my most important path I have ever taken – it is far from the easiest path and in fact the most challenging of all, but without a doubt, the most rewarding and fulfilling! There is nothing more important than family.

Entwined with my family pathway have been many different and challenging trails. There were the absolute lows of miscarriages, cancer diagnosis, and a house fire. While navigating those trails and
struggling to overcome that “bog” and sluggish pathway, I have come out the other side stronger than ever, both as an individual as well as a family member.

My favourite pathways always include summiting the peaks in order to enjoy the views – the raising of healthy and happy children; self-employment; the taste of that first batch of thick and rich maple syrup in the spring, yoga teacher training (500 CYT); a library career and volunteering on many boards, teams and committees. This journey has exposed me to so many incredible people and events in my community — truly enriching my life.

My love of the outdoors has provided actual pathways and trails that I have willingly travelled during my life – hiking, paddling, biking, back county camping, skiing and snowshoeing in our beautiful country and beyond. Just like that trail of life, sometimes you get mired in the mud and muck, and other times, the views and vistas of the peaks are incredible and worth every effort to get there.

My most recent path is that of municipal politics which is not one I would have considered a handful of years ago. It is a very interesting and educational journey, once again exposing me to many insightful community members, ideas, important issues and events.

Where this well travelled path ends and where the next path takes me is unknown. I do know this however – I will continue to take those unknown trails, exploring the peaks and valleys, the dead-ends, and experiencing the bumps in the road – always knowing the steadfast path of my family is within reach!