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Energetic • Fearless • Passionate

Her Story

Liz Shaughnessy

Whitepath Consulting

Liz's Story :

When I was nominated for INSPIRE:  The Women’s Portrait Project I asked people I know to give me 3 words that best describe me. If you want to feel good about yourself, ask people you care about to describe you! Passionate, Analytical, Competitive, Fearless, Strong, Fierce, Funny, Determined, Caring, Winning, Selfless, Exceptional, Accomplished , Admirable, Knowledgeable , Eager, Independent, Compassionate and many more (and a few I couldn’t write haha). But there was one word that almost every person started with and that is energetic.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m way too competitive, I choose happiness, I laugh at my own jokes, I’m very empathetic, I love to help, I’m highly inappropriate and I’m actually really annoying. I live my life out loud which according to urban dictionary means: Being yourself, genuine, open, trustworthy, with sass, spice and flare. Living on purpose, loving others and yourself, living passionately for your values, no matter what. Letting others see your light shine, and not being scared to be different or worry about others opinions of you. Living a life you’re excited about, with purpose on your terms. Inspiring others to do the same. So in other words I am who I am and those who love me love me and those who don’t… well who cares what they think right? So I decided to talk about what gives me my energy and that is love.

Love what you do… and do what you love! I am extremely lucky to have an amazing loving family, great friends, a job I love, to keep it simple I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing, not even bad stuff, that stuff helped me grow into a stronger person! What gives me energy right now though is my first love; soccer. I fell in love with the beautiful game as a young girl and still play to this day. It wasn’t until I started coaching competitively 5 years ago that I realized my love for the game had evolved. I also have a new appreciation for coaches who guided me through those discovery years and helped me fall in love with the beautiful game. Without those coaches I would have never become Coach Liz.

There is no greater feeling then connecting with someone and watching them grow stronger and gain confidence all because you believe in them. As a coach I like to connect with each and every player (so pretty much every kid that plays for Cavan FC). The kids I coach give me so much energy. Our practices are filled with laughter (mostly me laughing at my own bad jokes) and fun.

When you coach sports you get to experience a wide range of emotions with the kids you coach. You get to share in the excitement  of winning the game with seconds left, you get to help them recover from a tough loss by making them understand we learn more when we fail, you get to teach them things that might take all season to learn but you get goosebumps when you see them finally get it, you get to laugh together on the bench over jokes other people don’t understand, and you get to wipe their tears and pick them up when they don’t think they’re good enough. Our words and actions can have a huge impact on the players we coach. It’s about building them up. You can change lives with a single word, a single pat on the back, and a single conversation that says “I believe in you.”

I will end with this quote by an unknown author  “A good soccer coach takes their love for the game and instills it in you. They mold you into the player they see inside of you and watch your talent and dedication grow into a skill that you both can be proud of. Their payoff is the smile they see on your face after you have reached your goal. Their drive is the tears you cry because you want it so bad, knowing they had the same feeling inside them too. Make them proud and never give less than your best. You both deserve it.” This is why I coach.  I’m not telling you to start coaching soccer, I’m telling you to find something your passionate about, something that motivates you to always be on your toes challenging you to evolve and get better. Not only will your days be full of energy, your life will also be full of love!