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Alive • Alert • Alliteration

Her Story

Linda Kash


Linda's Story :

I am a mother, an actor, a teacher, a student, a writer, a director, a sister, a friend, a dog, cat, bird, fish, hamster, bat donkey, pig elephant lover.

An ex wife

A widow

A daughter of musicians

A great egg scrambler

I have a bad habit of falling in love with whomever I am in contact with.   This can cause some confusion but I kinda can’t help it.

I love the city but I need the country and the ocean scares me.

I love life fiercely and although, like. many of us, I have suffered serious loss, I am hard wired for happiness which I take no credit for (although I remain deeply grateful for).

I want to live long and make the people around me understand their true value.

I want to die with a sigh.

I want to meet my grandchildren and know their favourite colours.

I wish I was a better singer;  I’m a great dancer when I’m not watching myself.

I have yet to paint my masterpiece, but I’m hoping that time is on my side

To me it’s all cake.