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Curious • Patient • Kind

Her Story

Lilli-Sarah Fleming

Founder - Live Well with Lilli

Lilli-Sarah's story

One day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a picture of an old high school classmate. I couldn’t scroll further. She was radiating and looking so healthy. I discovered that she had completed a Health Coaching program in the US. I never actually spoke to her but investigated the school based in New York City. Some the teachers were Dr. Weil, Gabby Bernstein, Kris Carr, Christine Northrup and many more. I was hooked.

My journey had been bumpy with food and health. I had struggled with some mild eating disorder, infections and mental health struggles. This program gave me a blueprint of a path to better health. I completed the course and didn’t look back. I finally had the tools to feed my body the right foods, balance my schedule, take care of my body, manage my finances and I learned to incorporate a spiritual practice everyday. I saw that everything fell into place once I healed. There was definitely a disconnect in my past with life with balance and success. I learned about Spirituality, Creativity, Finances, Career, Education, Health, Physical activity, Home Cooking, Home Environment, Relationships, Social Life and Joy. All these incredible teachers gave powerful lessons and taught you how to live a life filled with joy and purpose.

The school was called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Best decision I ever made!