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Her Story

Kya Seguin

Real Estate Sales Representative - Century 21 Real Estate

Kya's Story :

Change is inevitable, so it’s better to learn to embrace it than fear it.

2012 was a big year of change for me, and it was all very exciting stuff! I got married to my husband in Jamaica surrounded by many friends and family members, then a couple months later we both got job promotions and moved to Peterborough, which included buying our first home together. New marriage, new jobs, new city.

Fast forward to 2016, where change hit me again… this time, in a very challenging way. First, my brother-in-law passed away from suicide early in the year (we got the devastating news when we were out of the country… worst moment of our lives). Then, less than 6 months later, I was restructured out of my position at a company I had worked at for over 11 years. Then, less than 6 months later, I had to make the tough call to put my cat down after he had been sick. He lived a good life, but he was my favourite cat and the most handsome one at that. The decision to say goodbye was very difficult. All of these things led to much sadness and grief… more than I had ever experienced in my life. I felt lost, and losing my job made me feel like I lost part of my identity. It was a challenging time to say the least, and I had to learn to persevere through it all.

After applying to over 50 jobs and only receiving one phone call / interview (very discouraging), I decided I needed to take things into my own hands. I came across a couple job postings for Marketing and Social Media for Century 21, which was accidentally listed on a job site for Peterborough. When I looked into it further, the jobs were actually in Vancouver. So… I ended up checking out the local Century 21 website and saw the Real Estate Sales Representative job posting and ended up taking a “Is Real Estate the Right Fit for You” personality quiz they had online. Within a few minutes, I was reviewing a detailed personality assessment report that was sent to my email evaluating my characteristics in regards to a real estate career. I scored pretty good and within an hour I received a call from the local C21 office asking if I would be available to go in and have a chat with them. I took the quiz at around 11am on a random day in November 2016, and ended up in their office at 3pm that same day to meet with the Business Development Manager. I walked out of that building that day feeling fired up, and asking myself if this was going to be my next step… my second career. I applied to receive funding from the Second Career government program and got the “green light” days before Christmas. Part of
the criteria for me receiving these funds, was to complete all 5 courses within 6 months (most people take up to 18 months to do the same).

Jump ahead to February 2017 when I started my Real Estate courses in-person in Oshawa. I treated these studies as my full-time job and finished the fifth course in August, obtaining my Real Estate licence September 1, 2017.

I have not looked back a single day since then. I honestly believe everything happens for a reason, and me finding those incorrect job postings, then taking that quiz and ending up in the C21 office that day was all a path I was meant to take. I have learned many lessons in this time, about my career, and myself. What’s most important, is that I believed in myself the whole way through. And I had an amazing support system of family and friends. My husband has been a huge support to me (emotionally, mentally, financially)… Knowing he always has my back and believes in me 100% of the time really keeps me going.

I now do yoga three times a week, I write in a grateful journal daily, I have a vision board. I have goals that I plan to knock out of the park, but I have also learned to have patience with myself and the process. I will continue to plant the seeds for my garden to grow… I will enjoy the journey and honour the process. I am heading into 2020 with the utmost determination, dedication and discipline and I hope you will do the same for yourself and your goals, wherever you are in your career / life.

I hope this can be a memo to someone going through tough times to remind you that sometimes darkness can show you the light. Everything you go through, evolves you and if you can “grow through what you go through”, I promise you’ll come out the other side feeling stronger than ever.