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Strong • Authentic • Ambitious

Her Story

Kimberlee Curry

Paramedic - Hastings County, Cancer Survivor Speaker/Advocate

Kimberlee's Story :

My entire life “Everything happens for a reason” is a quote I’ve preached to friends and family going through difficult times.

In 2014 at the age of 31, it became a quote I reminded myself of daily.

After cycling from Toronto to Niagara Falls for the Ride to Conquer, I ironically felt a lump in my right breast while getting dressed.   Less than one week later, my worst fear came true; it was breast cancer.

After being eloquently written off by the first hospital I was seen at, I decided to take my life into my own hands and hunt down my own Oncologist.

Now, almost 5 years post diagnosis, I’m happy to report a clean bill of health!

That experience changed everything for me.   It instantly prioritized what was important in my life, and also ignited the desire to help other young woman who are going through a diagnosis of their own.

I have also reacquainted myself with my love of public speaking and have been involved in a number of cancer related events, telling my story.   I feel fortunate to have been gifted with a colourful sense of humour, which has helped me get through all of life’s trials.   I laugh every single day.   Even in situations which I probably shouldn’t, and I easily shred negativity from my life.   I don’t sit well and have a fierce need for travel.   I’m a true believer that you learn the most about yourself while experiencing new places; and it shapes the people we are.

My two girls: Kinsley (5) and Kalea (1); have taught me how to love unconditionally and make me want to be a better person each and every day.

Cancer has taught me that life IS short, and life will not wait for you to accomplish goals or fulfill dreams.

My new live by quote is “never let your memories be greater than your dreams”.