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Her Story

Kim Driscoll

Teacher – Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School

Kim's Story

I will begin my 29th year of teaching in September.

I still enjoy getting up and going to school each day.

I like being one of the caring adults who helps students transition into and through high school and find their way on the windy, twisty road of being a teenager. While it’s never easy, it feels good to help guide them along the way as they figure out who they are and who they want to be.

And it doesn’t end there because I get to watch them become amazing young adults once they leave school.

When I have the opportunity to be in a photo with former students like Steven, Vicky, Charlotte and Baby Avery, Kait and Brody I feel so thankful that I have been lucky enough to meet such amazing characters in my career!

There are so many others who could be in this photo too!

And the great thing is, every year I meet a whole new batch of grade 9s who walk through the doors to start the next adventure!

My career is second only to the folks I live with.

My family is more than I could have hoped for in life.

My husband Barry and our three daughters, Mattie, 21, Lucy, 19 and Annie, 17, bring me more joy than I can even articulate even though we can drive each other crazy too.

Of course, my bio would not be complete without mentioning Chase, Paz and Maisy, our three bichons who are sweet bundles of love. I didn’t have a dog before I was 40 so I am making up for lost time.

I am a very fortunate woman to live in East City and to have the family, friends and neighbours that I have.

My community is the best.