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Confident • Compassionate • Conscientious

Her Story

Katy Shufelt MD FRCPC

Interventional Cardiology - Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Katy's Story :

I am grateful to call Peterborough my home for so many reasons.

My family moved to Peterborough in 1991, when I was in my last year of high school. I only attended Adam Scott for one semester, but met two people who impacted my life in a large way.

The first was Mrs. McIlmoyle, my grade 13 biology teacher, who encouraged me to pursue medicine as a career.   The second was a good friend, Andrew Wagar, who immediately welcomed me to the “North End”, the track team and eventually introduced me to my future husband, Andrew ​Shufelt​.

Fast-forward 27 years later…

I work full-time at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre as an Interventional Cardiologist.

I am one of three doctors in the Kawarthas who performs cardiac angioplasty procedures.

Together with a dedicated team of support staff, nurses and X-ray technologists, I work to save lives of patients who present with heart attack.   I am incredibly proud of the service we provide to this community.   The fast actions of our team have helped so many people survive. We also perform more complex procedures on patients who are suffering from chronic chest pain to help them get back to more active lives.   One of the things I am also interested in is patient safety and the processes we can follow in a systematic way to improve outcomes.

I have three young children and together with my husband, we enjoy so much of what the Kawarthas has to offer.

Life in Peterborough makes it easy to “practice what I preach” in terms of a heart healthy lifestyle.   I am an avid cyclist, hockey player and cross-country skier.   These activities give me an outlet for my competitive nature, but more importantly, a strong social network.  Many times, a challenging ride with good friends can bring clarity to problems and give me a good laugh.

Rewind to the start again – my family moved to Peterborough when my father (John Macdonald) took a new position as the Director of the Foundation at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Over the years it has been important to me to be close to my parents as a source of mutual support.   My mother and father have always shown me the importance of community involvement and philanthropy.

I have sponsored the Dr. ​Shufelt​’s Kids Triathlon since 2010 and every year, watching the excitement of the kids on race day is inspirational.  I also participate with my oldest daughter in the MS Bike event every year, and am immensely proud to see her carrying on the family tradition by raising over $30,000 for MS research over the past 4 years.

The Inspire Women’s project is important to me as I feel that we don’t always take the time to recognize and lift up fellow women we admire. Working together with respect for our differences and admiration of our strengths can make so much happen in our community.