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Confident • Resilient • Mentor

Her Story

Karen Wilson

Executive Director Employment Planning & Counselling Peterborough

Karen's story :

When I read the stories of the other women who were nominated, I am humbled. It has been difficult to realize why I may have been nominated myself, so I procrastinated, then ultimately allowed myself to forget about it. I’ve now decided to just go down the road of telling my story – or at least an overview. It doesn’t sound very interesting to me on paper, so can only hope that someone else can learn something from it.

My hardships in life have not been different from many – divorce, single parenthood, financial hardship, loss of those close to me, serious car accident, sudden illness and occasional despair or depression. The thing I have found most difficult in life so far is regret for my mistakes. Mistakes that I’ve made as a mother, a partner, a sister, a daughter, a professional and a friend – I’ve beat myself up for all of them, thinking I should be a better human.

I am now 57, but still a work in progress. You don’t get to this age without mistakes, hurting others, hurting yourself and accumulating mistakes and regret. Learning from what I and those close to
me experience, good or bad, is now always my goal. I work every day to keep my mind and heart open –better than I was the day before.

I feel that I am confident and resilient, which has probably carried me farther than if I weren’t. I had a good, safe childhood. I enjoy extreme pride and close relationships with my adult daughter and son. I have a life partner who is my best friend. I have family who are my friends for life. I enjoy friendships with beautiful, intelligent and interesting people. I enjoy many positive, professional relationships. Now I realize that these are the things that give me my confidence and resilience. It is the people in my life, past and present, that have taught me to work hard, take responsibility for my actions, reach my potential, mentor others, give back to my community, be independent, travel and love unconditionally.

I am good with who I am and accept that I am imperfect.