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Passionate • Creative • Tenacious

Her Story

Karen Giles

Nurse – Peterborough Regional Hospital

Karen's Story

I am so proud to call Peterborough my home.  Peterborough “the City of Light”. As a teenager, leaving for college meant screeching out of here, and never coming back, but alas in 1989 I returned to start my family and Peterborough was the only choice.

Nursing is my passion and helping others has always been what makes me tick.  I must say there is something really special about being a nurse in a community like Peterborough.  When I returned from Toronto and began working at PRHC I soon realized that many lines were blurred.  No longer were patients, just patients, but someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son or daughter, and it really mattered how they were treated.   Many years ago a wise woman told me it wasn’t so much what you said to someone that mattered, but the way you made them feel. That stuck with me and has guided my actions so many times.

During the past 10 years my career has taken me along a different path.  I have become a nurse examiner to victims of sexual and domestic violence.  These women are survivors with their own stories, and they are strong.

Crisis often brings out the best and worst in people, and I have been privileged to support them through some of their toughest life events.  Of course this journey has included developing relationships with many community folk who also support these survivors of violence. And from those compassionate, hardworking individuals I have learned so much. Thank you.

That’s the thing about nursing I love the most.  It is all about teamwork, collaboration and life long learning.

I could not have been on this journey without my faith, family or friends, all which have kept me grounded.

I am the proud mama of two great adult children, Kate and Matt, who are now embarking on careers of their own.  Being a mom has taught me to always see the positive and have faith to believe that all things are possible, even when it seemed impossible.