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Caring • Honest • Dedicated

Her Story

Karen Barker

VON - Peterborough - Victoria - Haliburton

Karen's Story :

“I may not have everything I want but have everything I need.”

My easy going nature has helped form many special bonds throughout my nursing career at Von of 23 years.

I have felt humbled yet honoured to serve our senior population of Peterborough. Starting my career in community nursing has provided much fulfillment since graduating as an RPN.

Born a natural caregiver, has helped to serve the public through different areas of diversified nursing. I have gained a deeper sense of belonging within my community as a practising nurse. I look forward to meeting and helping others. I enjoy building a sense of connection to those I meet within the community especially within the circle of care. My personality combines a compassionate approach as well as a comical sense of humour.

With a love for ongoing learning, I found my true passion with foot care. Through each new encounter I continue to learn invaluable lessons from those I serve. Not only has it shaped me professionally but has helped me grow personally. I admire our seniors for their wisdom and wealth of knowledge they share through their heartfelt stories during each session.

For those that have experienced the care know what a true passion I have for it. While appreciating everyone’s uniqueness and individuality….it’s not just about the foot fetish.

It’s being able to show different forms of compassion through
…those that needed the care and didn’t realize it
…building a rapport with those that were lonely
…creating a caring environment for those that needed to mourn the loss of a son or daughter, spouse, sibling or best friend.…or express the heartbreak in having sold the house where they raised their loving family and also for being attentive in listening to those that had decided it was time to move into long term care.

Working alongside these special gentleman and women has not only helped me learn we are all on the same path of life just different chapters. This has helped me become the unique nurse that I am. Although weathering different storms it is nice to share in each other’s purpose in life. For we all share in this cycle of life just different start and end dates. In the meantime, I will continue to enhance the wellbeing of others by “not just doing their feet.”