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Loyal • Empathetic • Strong Willed

Her Story

Kalyna Maria Cabral

President - Permanent Beauty Academy and Clinic

Kalyna's Story :

I was born to two blue collared parents who instilled a very hard work ethic on both myself and my older brother, Adam.
I had a very happy childhood with our weekends spent at our grandparent’s home in Foleyet Ontario, where we would help with the vegetable gardens and enjoy amazing Portuguese meals and wine around a very humble table filled with so much love, or we spent our weekends sitting in a small tin boat singing the songs of the lion king. We were always together and always creating memories.
These special moments have helped me become a very strong and ambitious mother and business owner. I am so grateful for my family and my modest upbringing. Our days were filled with attention and love, and never about materialistic things
I am now a full time single Mom to a beautiful daughter who is nine and a son who is one and a half. I hope to instill the same type of upbringing I was privileged to have experienced. One where we spend as much time as possible as a family, making family meals a priority, having open and natural communication, and a safe and happy environment that will help grow happy adults one day.