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Strong • Organized • Honest

Her Story

Jennifer Scates

Vice President / Marketing – Central Smith

Jennifer's Story

Ice Cream has always been apart of my life…

As a kid my favorite food was ice cream, and not a day afterschool went by with out a cereal bowl full of ice cream to finish off the day.

In high school, every lunch was spent with my friends eating grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate ice cream.

In University, my Mom and I would enjoy a milk shake on a weekly basis.

So, meeting my husband Ian at 23, was a dream come true.

You see, when I was 8 years old I remember saying to my friend, “The best husband would be a guy who makes ice cream!”

Ice Cream is the perfect food.

It can be used for celebration, healing, soothing, and just enjoyment.

Nothing makes me happier than watching someone pick an ice cream flavor, watch that person in anticipation as the cone is prepared, and then the first lick.

It’s magic EVERY time!

The person is transported back to another time and place.

I’m lucky I get to create memories each and every day!

Ice Cream has seriously saved me from many tragic situations in my life: alcoholic parents, drug induced brothers, a truly chaotic childhood.

The reprieve I’ve received from going for an ice cream was just the thing to get me out of the house at just the right time.

Ice Cream and Ian have been in my life for a really long time.

I met Ian when I was 13!

At that time my parents were going through an ugly divorce, and my Mom was in recovery from Alcoholism.

Ian was 22 and WAY too old, but something about that first meeting; maybe the cowboy hat, maybe the ice cream allurement, but there was something there.

I believe Ian saved me, and seeing each other at 16, 19 and then again at 22 I knew we were just meant to be together.

I remember my first summer in Ontario and being introduced to the “factory”, that wonderful cream smell and being given a spoon and told I could have whatever flavor I wanted!

Imagine my delight when at my fingertips: 32 flavors that I could eat to my heart’s content.

At that time, 25 years ago, I never imagined I would become the Vice President/Marketing at Central Smith, and literally sharing a desk with my husband each and every day.

It’s an amazing journey we are on and we solve everything from strategic planning, production, shipping, Quality Control to employee concerns together while respecting one another’s opinions, skills, and thoughts.

I’m grateful I get to work with my husband in a unique way each and every day.

I’m proud to be the co-owner of one of Canada’s original independent, family-owned dairies. And I’m thankful to our employees who help make our customers’ ice cream dreams come true.

Many people, including our own daughter, wonder how we do it day in day out while still maintaining our marriage and our personal life.

I would have to say that honesty, respect, love, and integrity get us through every day together.

Our main rule is never go to bed mad. So far so good!

Ian always says, “If you can’t have fun making ice cream you just can’t have fun!”

I’m very fortunate to have fun every day!