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Trailblazer • Supportive • BadAss

Her Story

Jeannine Taylor

Founder, Publisher, CEO,

Jeannine's Story :

I am driven to be near water and love the Kawarthas.   I love that we are surrounded by water in every direction.

I grew up in Peterborough, was educated here and never had any desire to move away.  I am grateful to my parents for moving here from Toronto after the war, and to my father for forging a space for us in cottage country.   I understand why people want to relocate here because I’ve never wanted to leave.

Since my early years I’ve always been vocal and not afraid to speak my mind.  I think that’s what led me to always be working as a promoter, communicator and marketer.

But when I landed on the internet in late 1995 I knew that it was going to change everything about communication and promotion.  I spent three days over Christmas holidays that year surfing the web.  I was single at the time.

I was the managing editor of three local print magazines that year, and the internet was a huge eureka moment for me.   When my print publisher refused to embrace the internet quickly, I left and found in May 1996 as a community based information magazine.   We were way ahead of our time to be converting mindsets to online advertising.  Businesses needed websites and we filled that need working in a website development and internet marketing for 16 years.    In 2012 we made the decision to return the focus to being a media company and rebranded as    It’s now a competitive media landscape and a male dominated industry.  There are few female publishers.

In my early internet months, I also did not know how much it would also change my personal life.  I met my partner Bruce Head on in May 1996.   He is now our managing editor  (also a communicator and writer) and our lead tech developer.

Thoughts on Community :

I believe in supporting local in everything that we do.  I believe in promoting Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

I believe in raising the bar in everything we do.  We can always do better, and striving for quality is an ongoing process.

I believe that we need to always support other women without question, motive or judgment.  We still have work to do to promote women and achieve gender parity.