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Loyal • Generous • Responsible

Her Story

Janet McLeod

Owner East City Flower Shop, Master Florist

Janet's Story :

Looking for the house I live in now, I told the real estate agent I wanted three bedrooms and a garage, but what I really meant was peaceful and safe.

Three bedrooms are more than I need day to day, but filling them isn’t hard.  Duvets and quilts for family at holidays, my mother visits when she can (she’s busy you know !) and she’s an inspiration.

There has been room to host Rotary Exchange students.  Seeing Birgit and Frederique grow into the fine, accomplished and confident women they are today makes my heart sing and that’s inspiration.

My “Little Sister” and her son filled beds for two years while they saved for a home of their own.  Taking her photo in front of the SOLD sign on the lawn of the house she still lives in today was a huge moment for all of us, and that’s inspiration.

I inherited a Buick from my older brother Gordon.  He worked on this car whenever he could.  Now it fills my garage.  Driving it is like driving your sofa down the highway, and for me it’s inspiration.

Safe to say, I am the happiest when all the beds in my house are full.

It’s inspiring.