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Dedicated • Adventurous • Wholesome

Her Story

Janelle Kelcey

Musician - Traveller - Guider 1st Keene Girl Guides - Muddy's Pit BBQ - Kawartha Credit Union

Janelle's Story :

In 2013 my cousin passed away after a year-long battle with leukemia.  She was only 21 years old.  I was 22 years old, back at university for my 3rd year, and my world completely shifted.  There was never a single moment where I ever believed the disease would defeat her.  She was fearless.  We grew up together, and as kids she built up my confidence as I struggled with my self image and bullying from others.  She loved rugby and played the game with spirit and drive.

Her death flipped a switch in me and I began seeking out the experiences I had always been intimidated by, the things I had always wanted to try, but had been too self-conscious to get involved in.  I wanted to be more fearless and be my own hero, just as Tay had been.

That was the first year I ever worked on a musical, as a musician in the pit band.  I began to seek out more challenges, and the year after I took on the role of vocal director for Queen’s Musical Theatre’s production of Spamalot.  After graduation the opportunity came up to act, so I then became ‘Young Susanna Moodie’ for Lang Pioneer Village’s Historic Literary Walk.  My most recent theatre endeavour is as a cast member with the Peterborough Theatre Guild’s production of Spamalot.  I’m so excited to be able to work on this musical again – but on stage this time!

Early in 2018 I learned about Pole Dancing PTBO.  Pole fitness had been on my bucket list for a while at this point.  It was something I had only seen online that seemed incredibly intimidating, but looked like so much fun!  Though I was tentative, I tried an introductory class, and I haven’t stopped since then!  The growth in my self-confidence and my physical well-being has been incredible.

Taylor was a world traveller, playing rugby across North America and Europe.  This inspired another hobby of mine – it’s the most expensive at this stage in my life, but by far the most fulfilling – budget solo travelling.  I have been to Japan and Iceland so far, my next destination may be to see Petra in Jordan, the Giant’s Causeway in northern Ireland, the mountains of BC, or backpacking across south-eastern Asia.  

The loss of Tay left a void no one could never hope to fill.  I try to live up to her example – to live a rich life filled with learning, new experiences, and making an impact – and I can hopefully inspire others to do so as well.