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Tenacious • Authentic • Hopeful

Her Story

Jaimie Donohue

VON - Peterborough - Victoria - Haliburton

Jaimie's Story :

I am so honoured and humbled to be among the amazing women who are part of this beautiful project. I grew up in Tecumseh, Ontario (just outside Windsor) on Lake St. Clair. I watched my parents work hard to give my sister, brother and I wonderful childhoods. They have instilled a strong work ethic in all three of us, and for that I am eternally grateful to them.

At a young age, I realized not everyone is able start from the same place, and lucky breaks are not always within everyone’s reach. I wanted to work in an environment where I could be part of the solution. I have been working in the fundraising sector for almost 20 years (and been very fortunate to have had some interesting career opportunities in Windsor, Toronto and Peterborough). Every day at work is a chance to play a small part in making someone else’s life better.

Part of my portfolio at VON Peterborough Victoria Haliburton is working with our dedicated and compassionate donors. Through this I have had the privilege of listening to stories about how the VON has directly impacted not only our donor’s lives, but the lives of their loved ones as well. I am forever amazed at the strength and courage so many people have, and am impressed time and again how many caring people in our community wish to “pay it forward” so others get the care they need, while staying in their own homes.

Although my husband and I are fairly recent transplants to Peterborough (we moved here from Toronto six years ago), this wonderful little city has wrapped its arms around us. We recognize why people choose to stay, and we understand why those that leave choose to come back. We are grateful to be able to put down roots and be part of the thoughtful fabric that makes up our community.