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Joyful • Social • Passionate

Her Story

Hermione Rivision

Life Coach - Storyteller - Spiritual Minister

Hermione's Story :

At seven years old I was disappointed. I was too tall for ballet so my Mum sent me to drama classes as consolation. I guess Mum’s do know best! I loved it.
Disappointment turned to joy. Each Saturday morning I entered a world of inventive imagination; dragons lived under the staircase and at any moment you might meet a witch. At fifty seven life isn’t much different! I see a story wherever I go and love to tell old fairy tales and the mythic connections we all make, even unawares. I am a storyteller and creative facilitator – sometimes without even planning on it. My imagination has been a blessing and a curse. It has taken me travelling around the world or filled me with terror at the thought of walking over the London St bridge, as I’m certain, (at times), the trolls are waiting for me.

It was on the Hunter St bridge that I realized I was “home”. From the age of 18 to 42 I had never slept in the same bed for more than a year. I had moved around a lot but I suddenly realized one wintery day I had been in Peterborough for twelve months. The joy that surged through me has stayed with me to this day. I came to Peterborough to marry. A few months before arriving here, I was speaking at an arts conference in the Netherlands. I had said goodbye to people but someone pressed me to tell where I was going. Canada, Ontario, and finally I said a small city called Peterborough. The person had been born here. He assured me I would find all sorts of creative people and now I can agree. Creative opportunities, good friends and the natural beauty of the area has sustained me and will continue to do so for the future.

I have been involved with Kawartha World Issues Centre since I came. Social justice issues have always interested me. I met my husband at an anti apartheid rally in New Zealand back in the early ‘80’s. My parents protested against social ills and they taught me well. Now I’m a step grandmother, I have been invited to be a Raging Grannie singing protest songs. I have also connected with 4RG (For Our Grandchildren), an organization raising awareness around the climate crisis. My imagination goes wild when I think of what the future could hold and it ain’t pretty.
But productive, creative imaginations will solve the ills of the world so it ain’t all bad either.