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Compassionate • Nurturing • Fiercely Resilient

Her Story

Heather Munro

Founder - Nourish You Ptbo

Heather's Story :

My name is Heather Munro, I am a Mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur and this is my story.

I have a Superpower, which I’ve been practicing for a long time.  I love nourishing people.  Feeding them healthy food and watching them heal them from what ails them.  When my Dad had heart surgery a number of years ago, the real practice began.  The healing foods I would deliver to support his recovery became the foundation of my business.  It’s become a tradition now, weekly meal deliveries to my parents, and clients too.

In 2017, I faced what many have – corporate reorganization and job loss.  I was devastated and so exhausted.  I had been juggling a full-time career and motherhood for a decade and was depleted.  I took 3 months to just “be”, to rest and reconnect with my family.  I spent so much time in the kitchen, cooking, creating, and healing.  Then one fateful morning I woke, with a dream, an idea, and piece by piece since that day I have been building that dream, in the pockets of time around my family.

I now serve busy families, who juggle the pressures of demanding careers, easing the ache of the juggling act that I remember well.  I support the Moms just I was, juggling it all. I support seniors to stay vibrantly healthy and recover from illness.  I support new Moms to nourish them so they can nourish their family.

I believe that fueling ourselves with nourishing and wholesome food is vitally important.

I believe in the mighty power of a family meal to reset and reconnect us after a busy day.

 This is my purpose, my passion, and my labour of love.

I have learned to trust what I think first, before reaching out to others for guidance.  Being my own guide, and trusting that I know best.  To know what I need, what my family needs are the best ways to serve others.