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Well-Hydrated • Forthright • Haphazard

Her Story

Hayley McBride

Custom Bike Builder

Hayley's Story :

I was raised to believe it’s better to be seen and not heard, so I put massive pipes on my motorcycle so I could do both.
I have always loved spinning wrenches, customizing everything I own and building something out of nothing. Spring and summer as a young teen were spent travelling Ontario building carnival rides with my sidekick Begbie, a Cabbit (Manx cat) on my shoulders. We slept in the possum bellies of transports, bathed in the lakes and woke up with dew soaked hair. However as I grew older my priorities shifted and I decided to settle down to utilize my education in computer science to get a “good job” but that didn’t stop the need to tinker.
The sound of straight piped Harleys, wicked trikes and all things mechanically extraordinary was not uncommon to me. Motorcycles were not seen as something remarkable as they were always just around growing up.  It was only a matter of time before I grabbed my first set of handle bars to call my own.
For years I talked about how I was going to customize my first motorcycle. It had to have a giant sissy bar, massive pipes out the side and it was going to be in a show. Of course there were tons of people who laughed at me, even some that said I could never do it. The more I was doubted, the more I wanted it. I got my hands on a very questionable engine and the rest was history.
The first custom chopper was named Porkchop. A little 1982 Honda CM400. Porkchop sounded like the angriest weedwhacker you ever heard. It was invited to it’s first motorcycle show called Oil and Ale.
Fast forward to now,  a 1978 Honda CB750K. This chopper is everything I wanted in a motorcycle. It didn’t come without blood, sweat and tears and there is probably all three of those things baked into the paint. The CB750 has yet to be named, so if you think of neat name and see me out riding say hi and let me know