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No Limits • Authentic • Balanced

Her Story

Grace Reynolds

Mortgage Agent - Northwood Mortgage LTD

Grace's Story :

I must say, this was difficult for me to put together.

Like many of you find, it’s hard to talk, let alone, write about yourself. I’ve never been one to talk about myself – not because I don’t want to share – but because I was told when I was
younger …  “Don’t talk about yourself, no one wants to hear about you or all that you do or what you have accomplished.”

Oh how our world has changed with social media, right?! ; ) lol

I am by no means, a closed book and more than happy to share!   We all, in our own ways, have struggles in our life and it’s never been about comparisons either.  At a young age during these
times, you can’t help but wonder – what about me is different from anyone else?

My family (mom, dad and 4 sisters) were refugees from Vietnam and immigrated to Canada in the mid 1970s.  I am the youngest of 5 girls and a first generation, Vietnamese Canadian born.
My parents worked tirelessly to support our family and were not around much.  There is a large age gap between my sisters and I.  They too were busy growing and learning and not around
much, especially once they moved away from home.  I was still quite young at this time.

I was a shy person growing up and had a lot of growing to do – no only personally but also professionally.  I learned to involve myself in almost everything one person can do; from the time
school begins in one’s young life to after post secondary and into the workforce.  I was involved in athletics and academics.  I was never a competitive person, but definitely a team player!
As young adults entering into the world, we are excited, we are sponges and we are open and eager to learn and grow!   I was certainly this young adult, ready to crush it – “Alright world, let’s
do this!”

It’s a very competitive world out there, no matter what business or industry you are in.  I came to realize shortly after, that I had a lot to prove.  Particularly in this male dominated business
world. I am a young, Asian female, in a Caucasian male dominated world and I immediately felt out of place and thought, “ Gosh, do I really belong here?!”

Over the years, I did not have a lot of support or role models.  Those around me, particularly females in the business world, were few.  And those I did encounter, I felt under suited – literally!

I enjoyed this new business world I stepped into and have learned a lot from. I thoroughly enjoy working and helping people!  However, I did not enjoy that I was not the“female norm” of the business world – where I had to wear a business suit, carry a briefcase and wear 5 inch heals.  Nor was I technical enough, had enough experience yet, didn’t speak French, the list goes on…

Even with my education and career in the business world, I never felt I was in the right place… that there was something missing.  At a point in my career, I decided to step away from the
business world feeling that it just wasn’t meant for me.  I did not fit in as one is expected to and I did not want to be something I am not.

With this time, I continued to do what I enjoyed – working with people!  I went back into hospitality for a couple years and continued to service people – something I have always done
over the years.  During this time, I also got married and had my first child.  We then moved into a brand new city, I started a brand new career and had a whole lot of work ahead of me with
making new connections.  I thought to myself, “ Oh boy, what have I done?!” lol

Peterborough is getting the best of me – the me that truly embraced who I am, no matter what! There was no need to conform or feel like I needed to fit in and belong. And Peterborough, you
have been so amazing and supportive!!!   I am so incredibly grateful to all those I have met and continue to build partnerships with!

Being nationally recognized by my industry peers, as Canada’s Best Newcomer Agent as well as, one of Canada’s Top 50 Young Guns (one of only 10 females!) – was completely unimaginable!
I recalled being asked the evening I won my award, by another new agent, “What did you do?” And my answer was “I was just simply me, helping my clients!”

So here I am, back to where I started, back in the business world, as me!  No business suit, no briefcase or no 5-inch heels!  I am right where I need to be – working alongside and serving
people!  I absolutely love what I do and helping those around me, especially with one of their biggest assets and investments they will ever make in their lifetime!  I am truly humbled and
honoured to have the opportunity to work alongside these amazing people, daily!

You already belong, by being yourself, do what you do best and this will allow you to be open and accomplish so much more than you would ever imagine, both personally and professionally!
In the end, truly, simply “Be You!”
Much love to you all,
Grace xoxox