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Positive • Strong • Caring

Her Story

Glenda Bromell

Pastor - Jael Ministries, Owner - It's Personal

Glenda's Story :

Out of darkness into light is an apt description of my lifetime journey.  Early abuse and neglect resulted in great pain, anger and fear, the three hallmarks of codependency, also called “relationship addiction”.

The long road out of that abyss started when I accepted Jesus into my life in 1984. I began to study the Bible and grew healthier mentally and emotionally.  It has taken many years to overcome the damage of my past, particularly since I had no idea what codependency was or how it controlled my life.

While working a full-time supervisory job for over 35 years, I also graduated from Bible School, eventually obtaining post-graduate degrees in Christian counselling.  For the last fifteen years, I’ve been involved in women’s ministry, opening a home church, Jail Ministries, in 2014, and becoming ordained with the Evangelical Christian Church in Canada in 2016.

During the last six years, I’ve also run a full-time, home based business, “It’s Personal”.  The quilted fabric signs with a child’s name on them are popular at the Peterborough Farmer’s Market.  I enjoy the relationships I’ve developed with other vendors and the opportunity to chat with interesting people.

My new hobby is square dancing.  It’s great exercise for both mind and body and the most fun thing I do all week.  When not attending church meetings, sewing or dancing, I love to read, study, and enjoy a meal out with friends.

Last but certainly not least, I love my family.  I have been blessed with two wonderful, successful children, a son and daughter, who are happily married and have given me three precious grandchildren.  A recent reunion with my stepson completes my heart.  I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.