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Passion • Compassion • Connections

Her Story

Gail Moorhouse MCP & MSTS #6269021

Executive Director - Community Futures Peterborough

Gail's Story :

I am often asked “Where did you come from?” as if I arrived out of the blue.   So this is who I am.

I am content to be working in the background and for many years that is what I did.   I served as a board member for many organizations, but it was Community Futures who lit my fire and resulted it the highlight of my career.  Community Futures Peterborough gives me a chance to apply all the skills and knowledge I gained over the years.

I have worked for the best and largest organizations in technology, and served under the leadership of great men and women at Ingram Micro, Tech Data, HP and Microsoft.   And I have been a struggling entrepreneur who worried about payroll.   I have been blessed by the direction and support of other women who held me when I was drowning.

Two years ago, my Son Scott passed from suicide, and that left a ton of guilt behind.

The book that has impacted my life the most would be 10-10-10 by Susy Welsh. Will my decision matter in 10 minute, 10 days, months or years.   I used this decision making tool in my personal and work life because it helps me stay on track about what I say is important in my life.   When I realize that in 10 months or years, no one will remember what I did at work,  but my husband will care if I missed an important moment, making decisions becomes quite clear.

I am a proud gramma to 3 little girls and 2 little men who bring me great joy and make me long to the simplicity of life.

I have a number of young women that I have mentored for years.   Not from a professional stance but as a listening ear.   I love watching them grow.    What I find amazing is the number of young women who are preparing for leadership roles in our community.  It will make it easy to pass the torch.

I moved to Ennismore 5 years ago and live across the street from my sister Diann Butt. She is my raving fan.   Moving was a major decision and our best one.   We live in a neighbourhood, not just on a street.

We are avid boaters, and I love to sew, cook and do stain glass.

Okay, what I really love to do is shop.