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Unapologetic • Compassionate • Volunteer

Her Story

Fenna Green

Fenna's Story :

I remember the first Shinerama Conference I went to in 2012 for the Cystic Fibrosis Campaign at Trent University. Part of our training for this event was to write ourselves a postcard that would be sent to us on the day of our campaign. While reflecting on what I wanted to tell myself I had realized something big. I was meant for this. This was a “right place, right time” moment in my life. I had come to realize that being a volunteer of non-profits, specifically when it came to fundraising, was where I am meant to be as it is an important part of community that I have pursued all my life in different ways up to that point.

Eight years later I still look at the postcard and smile as I have continued to follow that passion of mine. I have been involved with Heads Up for Inclusion for 5 years now and have spent much of my time there involved in fundraising. Peterborough has been such a welcoming and supportive community when it has come to participating in fundraising initiatives. The response is always overwhelmingly positive and community partners are always interested in a long-term partnership. It makes volunteering and offering support to organizations in Peterborough a pure J O Y!

This community is an amazing place to live, work, and volunteer in. I am proud to call Peterborough, Ontario my home and look forward to engaging with its local non-profit organizations for years to come!