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Passionate • Leader • Activator

Her Story

Erin Marshall

CEO - Marshall INC.

Erin's Story :

The last thing my grandfather said to me before he passed away was: “Erin, be nice to EVERYBODY.”
Volunteering, coaching and serving others has been engrained in the way I spend my days since I was a little girl.  Growing up very close to my incredible great grandparents, grandparents and parents who were very involved in volunteering and helping in the Peterborough community has helped shape my contribution to our city. Our family has been a part of this city for over 150 years and I feel a strong duty to give back to it and let it grow into the greatest Peterborough it can be.

When my son and my nephew both were saved in the neonatal intesive care unit in the PRHC, I saw the need for more equipment and fundraising for our hospital, so it was a no-brainer for my sister and I to create the PRHC Mombassadors. We formed an incredible team of solution-based women who now have raised over $150k for our local babies and caregivers. We are just getting started and the creation of energy from some of the most powerful women in our city makes this initiative unstoppable.

My family taught me how to care for others and volunteer my time, but what we never discussed was business, money and entrepeurship. When I graduated from Queens University, I became a teacher and got a job. I realized fairly quickly I was starting to live a lie. I was hiding my passions for business development,  startups, job creation and entrepreneurship behind my secure teaching job. After my first son was born, I used my maternity leave to build my first home-based business up to an award winning level and leave my 9-5. Since then, I have coached thousands of women all over Canada to do the same. Helping them gain confidence, solve others problems, be ok with discussing money and creating sustainable businesses built with love has become my lifelong passion. I no longer feel trapped and each day my wish is to break free other eager women who have the same gifts and talents and help them to shine.

Building the brick and mortar business Full Tilt Cycle in the last 2 years downtown has been another blessing I’m grateful to be a part of. It’s been a team effort. Thousands of Peterborough residents have found a safe space where we teach them to think big, think positive and become contributors instead of complainers in our everyday Peterborough life.

It takes a village to do the small things that I’ve helped to create and be a part of. So many of us in our 30’s are just getting started. That’s the magic of this community and the sister hood we have forged here.

My greatest advice still that I live by daily in my businesses and volunteer work is the simple words of my grandfather, ‘be nice to everybody.’