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Funny • Dependable • Bold

Her Story

Erica Ingram

Branch Manager - BMO Bank of Montreal, Portage Place

Erica's Story :

I wasn’t always the best student and I struggled in school,  I was what they call the “creative type”.    I loved school, but for the social aspect of it.  I had a grade 4 teacher that was forward thinking and embraced all learning types.  I quickly adapted to her style, and she adapted to mine so we came to an agreement.  If I did well on my spelling words I could choose a reward.  That year I excelled in spelling and as my reward I performed weekly for my class.  Dancing, singing, pretending to be a game show host, you name it and I did it.  This teacher was truly the first woman who understood my passion for performing and allowed me to be myself.

I have always loved a crowd, if there is a karaoke machine, I am on the mic.  I enjoyed musical theatre in high school and performed in many productions.  It is on my bucket list to spark that flame again in my 40’s.

One of the things I have thought long and hard about in the last couple of years is to focus on things that bring me joy.  I have developed into that every aspect of my life.  I love spending time with my family and friends and I love to travel.  I am also very proud to say I love my job, leading a strong team to personal and professional growth within an organization that I love.

A few years ago when developing this new found joy, I decided to remind myself that you can do anything.  Anything you put your mind to.  All you need to do is “Just Start”.  These words inspired me so much that it is now tattooed on my forearm.  Whenever I question my ability, whenever I am hesitant to try something new, I just look down and I remind myself I am capable of anything.