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Authentic • Aspirational • Unafraid

Her Story

Emily Ferguson

Manager of Philanthropy & Communications Habitat for Humanity

Emily's Story :

When I read the word “extraordinary” used to describe the women who are part of this project, a lump forms in my throat…

I cannot see myself here.

When I read their astonishing bios and realize their tremendous achievements, that lump in my throat gets bigger….

How on earth can I even be considered?

These women have saved lives, started successful businesses, raised families, taken giant leaps of faith and conquered inner demons. Many of them have defied odds and shattered stereotypes. I know some of these women; others I want desperately to know.

These are the very women who inspire, excite and motivate me.   How can I be one of them?

Then, I come to understand these women all have something in common: they are Proud.

They are proud of themselves and they are proud of one another. They don’t minimize their achievements; they  vocalize them. They don’t hide their flaws; they embrace them wholeheartedly. I quickly realize that if I am about to stand in line with these women, I’d better start thinking like they do.

So, what I am Proud of?

I am proud of my unstoppable ambition; it keeps me reaching higher than I ever thought possible
I am proud of my mistakes; they have made me wiser
I am proud to be a woman who Is rather than a woman who Has
I am proud of the beautiful friendships I have forged; they are critical to my sanity and survival
I am proud to be curious; not judgmental
I am proud that on my darkest days, I choose courage over anger
I am proud that I can walk away from situations that threaten my self-respect
I am proud of my inherent desire to help people whose circumstances are less than mine
I am proud to overcome the comfort of routine; I welcome the unexpected and the uncertain
I am proud of my selflessness; if I take, I am prepared to give
I am proud of my scars; they have made me stronger than those who have none
I am proud of my beauty; it is cultivated from within
I am proud of my Mother. All that I am or hope to be, I owe to her