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Strong • Independent • Caring

Her Story

Ellyse Hall

Victorian Order of Nurses Peterborough-Victoria-Haliburton

Ellyse's Story :

Growing up, I didn’t know I wanted to be a nurse.

Come the time to make the decision to go to College or University, I didn’t know what direction to go. But there were two very strong women in my life, who pushed me to believe in myself and what I was capable of. I applied to several Colleges for the nursing program, and was accepted to all.

I chose to remain local and went to Fleming College. I finished the nursing program and started working full time in long-term care. Although I loved my coworkers and the residents, I felt as though I needed to push myself further. I then focused on palliative care and completed the Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education (CAPCE) program. This led me to the VON. I wanted to focus on palliative care within my community.

However, coming to the VON, showed me a whole new kind of nursing. One where I could teach patients my knowledge and help them heal and remain at home. I found my love of nursing within the VON. Seeing patients get better and live happily at home, reminds me every day, why I became a nurse, even though I didn’t know that I wanted to be a nurse.

I am so thankful for those two strong women who saw in me, what I couldn’t, and encouraged me to pursue a career in nursing, and supported me every step of the way.