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Accepting • Empathetic • Compassionate

Her Story

Elizabeth Rahman

Creator & Founder of the: Abraham Festival, Certified Translator at Metamorphosis Translation Services

Elizabeth's Story

My pride and joy are my two children and four grandchildren.

I love the fact that a small part of us lives on in our offspring, so we are in a way immortal.

My passion is working in the multifaith community. I love spending time with people of faith (any faith)…. They feed my soul!

I am also a Certified Translator by profession; there is something magical about taking an idea and expressing it in another language.

My husband and I were among the founding members of the Kawartha Muslim Association about 30 years ago, and when the mosque opened, I suggested the name Masjid Al-Salaam (the Peace Mosque) to send a message of peace to the wider community.

My husband (who was born in India) and I had left England in the 1960s because of racism. Because of my ‘white privilege’ I have been spared much of the hate and prejudice that many people suffer because of the way they look or the way they dress. I try to use my advantage to promote understanding among people of different faiths and different cultures.

I am one of the co-founders of the Abraham Festival in Peterborough ( which brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims to simply get to know one another… to demystify ‘the other’ (hate is often based on fear, so we need to erase that fear and replace it with understanding and acceptance).

The festival grew from a chance meeting with a Catholic teacher (although I believe nothing happens by chance… it was part of a divine plan!) which happened about 4 months after my husband of 37 years died. I was still grieving, and I needed a ‘mission’ – something to occupy my time.

Thus the Abraham Festival was born, and it is still going strong after 15 years.

In that time I have been honoured to meet so many exceptional people.