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Positive • Optimistic • Smiling

Her Story

Dr. Shegufa Shetranjiwalla-Merchant

Doctor of Philosophy - Trent University

Shegufa's story :

As I marked one of my student’s assignments, I was struck by one answer.   It reminded me of me when I was a graduate student just a few years ago.

It reminded me of the journey that I had taken from India as a young woman onto Kuwait to evolve as a wife and mother and then to continue onward to Canada with my children for all of us to become students again.

The circle of life and continuous learning …..and some tangents indeed!

Since then Peterborough has been home.

I love to impart knowledge because it is to me the only way that fulfills my need to be a life-long learner.

By the time I graduated with my PhD with a specialization in Biomaterials, I was sure of one thing –  there is so little that I really know!

My young teenage daughters teach me new approaches to life everyday.   I am amazed at how much I learn when I speak to people across the table.  Wealth of knowledge and talent that is all around me.  This inspires me to be involved in the community.  It inspires me to be an active participant and contributor in my childrens’ lives, in my students’ learning and growth, in all my roles on the personal and the professional front.

I believe, we can either choose to look at life and be despondent or we can choose to look at life and be inspired.

I love being inspired.

It allows me to be positive and motivated.  It allows me to motivate with confidence.  It allows me to have faith in people and the future.