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Compassionate • Reliable • Intuitive

Her Story

Dr. Lara Hiseler

Psychologist - Hiseler, Kelly & Associates

Dr. Lara's Story

The doctor is in! They told me I couldn’t/shouldn’t do it… and then I did.  It can be easy to have the limitations of others become your own, and my advice is to not let others voices become your own.  Believe in yourself and what you have to offer, and people will see your shine and be drawn to it.  I’m a psychologist in Peterborough helping adults thrive and find the best versions of themselves.  In just over two years, Hiseler, Kelly & Associates has developed into a lovely team of 3 psychologists and 5 social workers, all empowered with the same vision to help others strive and thrive.

I grew up in Windsor, and had a younger brother with significant disabilities.  This was a very formative experience shaping from a young age an understanding of the nuances of human functioning, and fostering an appreciation that no one has the same privileges and abilities in this world.  I always say there are many ways to help people, the key is choosing to help others in a way which fits with your uniqueness, abilities, and self-expression.  I am fortunate to have completed my training in three different provinces, as well as worked for community agencies, psychiatric hospital, and corrections, prior to entering private practice.  I came to work in Peterborough as my spouse is from the area and it was a collective must that we nest in a city with immediate connection to water and the land.  If you don’t find me in the office, you’ll likely find me in a canoe with my Labrador retrievers in tow.