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Fun • Adventurous • Passionate

Her Story

Donna Rork

Owner - Cottage Toys

Donna's Story :

I am honored and humbled to be nominated to this beautiful project, celebrating the lives of women in our community and particularly thrilled that it was from a former staff member. I take great pride in mentoring young people as they start work for the first time and grow and learn through the experiences they have in our stores.

I was born with an insatiable appetite for adventure, and fun, particularly in adrenaline and water sports. My adventurous spirit and toughness I owe to my brothers who taught me how to take a shot as a goalie, climb trees, make go carts and ride bikes off of jumps.

As a young girl I started skating at the age of 3 in our backyard. I joined the Peterborough figure skating club at 5 and skated competitively for several years. It spoke to my competitive nature, determination, creativity, and athleticism.

I learned to downhill ski in my late teens and was hooked. I left for Banff at 18 with the promise of a job. I spent 4 winters skiing in Banff and Whistler ….steep and deep was what I lived for!!

In the summer I returned to the Kawarthas and taught windsurfing on Clear lake and became obsessed with the wind and cottage life!! I traveled to Cape Hatterass and the Columbian Gorge to access the windiest spots I could get to.

I bring the same passion and determination to my business, Cottage Toys celebrated 30 years of retail success in May!! I graduated from Fleming collage; with a business plan for Cottage Toys in hand. I opened my first store in May of 1989. This was a dream come true…my own surf /cottage store. We have grown to 3 locations in the area as well as and e commerce site and are about to embark on building a year-round destination shop in Lakefield. I believe you can never rest on your loreals; you must change with the times. We are constantly look at where we are and where we need to be to thrive.

My husband Andrew joined Cottage Toys in 2002 it was a perfect fit for us. It allowed us to work hard and play hard together. We have 2 beautiful children Ethan 19 and Mikayla 18; they too share our passion for fun!!

I live my life with love, humour, determination, adventure, passion and humility. I am blessed with wonderful, inspirational and supportive friends and staff. I am blessed to have a wonderful community that supports us in life and business. I am blessed to have a strong and loving family.
……I am, serious about fun!!