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Resilience • Perseverance • Compassion

Her Story

Diane Wolf MBA, M.Div., Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Diane Wolf Counselling - Associate, Mills Gosse Psychology

Diane's Story :

I chose the word resilience as one of my three words because my life has been a series of twists and turns that have forced me to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start again. Throughout my journey, however, I can see the important lessons I have learned, and how my experiences have also helped me develop the qualities of perseverance and compassion.

My passion for reading and lifelong learning is one of my defining qualities. I learned to read before I turned three years old and haven’t stopped since. When I was two, I told my father I wanted to be a psychologist when I grew up. Apparently, in my next breath, I asked him what a psychologist was. How very ironic that my love of psychology has been another ongoing thread, apparently since toddlerhood! I began studying neuropsychology in the 80s, and graduated in 2019 with a second master’s degree, this one in clinical counselling. As a psychotherapist, I love using my background in neuroscience to help my patients understand how their brains are wired to protect them from stress, even when some of the symptoms of anxiety and trauma appear to be counterproductive.

As a professor in the Business Admin department at Trent University I loved to work with students, many of whom have become friends after graduation. I left teaching to be my mother’s full-time caregiver in her final years and I can see that once again, life’s twists and turns provided me with something I needed to learn for the next phase of my life. I now specialize in working with trauma patients, particularly first responders, and who better than someone who has experienced a variety of traumatic events going back to childhood.

In the midst of studies and dealing with life’s challenges, I raised three beautiful children with my husband of 40+ years, and we are blessed with amazing grandchildren who are the sunshine in my life. I loved my own children very much, but nothing prepared me for the love I would feel for my children’s children. I’m the grandma with all the books (no surprise there) and can often be found with at least one grandchild on my lap for storytime. When not treating patients, reading, or cuddling grandchildren, I enjoy gardening and crafting, something I also do with my grandchildren whenever their parents let me borrow them.