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Wild • Scottish • Creative

Her Story

Dawn Pond

Project Coordinator for Depave Paradise and Downtown Vibrancy Project with GreenUP and the Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA). Peterborough Pollinator member

Dawn's Story

I have always been drawn to botanical science, gardening and art. I enjoy getting to know natural processes within plants, their pollinators and the soil. Networks of species that balance and support each other are so fascinating to me. 


I am absurdly fascinated with plants! Why wouldn’t I be when they are so adaptable and resilient to the changes around them.  I am inspired by the word: Totipotency, which describes plants ability to adapt to changing environments, by every plant cell containing all the necessary information for the entire plant. They can change into any type of plant cell. That blows me away! I try to bring a bit a totipotency to my life. If plants can figure out a way to thrive when their feet are buried in the soil and there is a solid chance they may get stepped on, eaten or picked then I think I can figure things out!

I love to learn and enjoy soaking up the wisdom of others. Although, I am at my happiest when I get to turn our knowledge into ACTION! This is why I love my role of Project Coordinator with GreenUP and DBIA so much. I get the opportunity to use my knowledge and love for the natural world to create new resilient spaces and educate (and hopefully inspire) the community to join in the action! I also get joy from the work I do, and the friendships I have made, through the Peterborough Pollinators community group. Connection with the land and with people is what life is all about (in my opinion anyway).


I love my homeland of Scotland with all it’s glorious mountains and heritage. I miss my wonderful family, who are back home in the North East Scotland where I grew up along side my beautiful sister Kelly. I really enjoy going home and visiting my family and friends. However, Canada, you have me head over heels for your vast beauty! When I first experienced Canada for the first time in 2010 I have fell in love, with a handsome Canadian man, Dylan, but also for the cultures, lands and lakes. I love exploring the vast wild spaces in Ontario. The Canadian Shield is one of my favourite environments to explore and hike. I feel very fortunate to have a home and a family in two spectacular countries. 


Plants also inspire me creatively. Making art has always been part of my life. I love to create artwork for other people, especially for my Granda back in Scotland. I find inspiration, as many have before me, in the beauty of natural things, the shapes, patterns and movement of the petal or a wing, there’s nothing else like it. My art can barely mimic the beauty and patterns of natural but I enjoy the process of producing art and studying nature so closely. Many botanical explorers were also great artists and while on their romantic global adventures produced beautiful sketches and paintings of their findings. I’d like to find myself on an adventure like that someday.