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Intuitive • Insightful • Inspirational

Her Story

Cora Whittington

Executive and Life Coach Strategic Plan and Team Facilitator Golden Pathways Retreat and B&B Owner

Cora's Story

I was 18 when my sister passed away with a rare bone disease.

Her funeral was her 16th birthday.

An experience like this at that age can’t help but affect you profoundly.

It started me on a lifelong journey of working with people move through and beyond their suffering, no matter the cause.

Six months after my sister died, I decided to go to France and volunteer for Jean Vanier at L’Arche, a community for mentally and physically challenged individuals who had previously been hidden away in institutions.

Meeting Jean Vanier and his mother Pauline Vanier (former Governor General George Vanier’s wife) was life changing. They saw past my insecurities and lack of confidence and saw in me an essence and qualities that I did not see. Jean spoke to me with loving presence and I felt like he could look into my soul. Jean Vanier is someone that I work to emulate as an executive and life coach.

I strongly resonate with the principle of Law of Attraction, understood and applied it since the late 1980’s before it was common conversation. I listened to Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and numerous others on cassette tapes.

At the same time, I was trained in numerous organizational and personal development skills and worked all over North America, training trainers and working with organizations.

Over the years I have become more intuitive and able to easily see what is keeping people stuck. More importantly, I see past their current story and help them create a new vision and live into their dream.

My passion is to help people and organizations experience miracles in their lives.