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Her Story

Colleen Carruthers

Registered Psychotherapist - Certified Coach - Facilitator

Colleen's Story :

I moved to Peterborough from Toronto about 18 years ago and my life changed drastically.

While living in Toronto I provided corporate training in developing teams, conflict management, communication skills and coaching, as well as I ran my private therapy practice.  I thought I was living a satisfied life until I moved here and became involved in the community – and wow – what a difference.

In Toronto, I would work with people to grow and then move on to new corporations every week.   When I moved here, I opened my private practice and started doing corporate work and an amazing thing happened to me –  I got involved in teaching the Peak Leadership Program for local business people.

Because of this program, I met so many people in the community and was able to get deeply involved in the not for profit sector.  Not only was I able to grow my business, grow my clients, but I grew myself- I expanded into working with people who are so grateful and so community oriented.  I got involved with clients where I could return over and over and eellike I belonged.  I love being in a community where I can see how my work contributes to both individual growth and the growth of the community.  My life satisfaction has grown immensely and I thank Peterborough for providing me with an environment where I feel supported as a woman, mother, grandmother, dog owner, quilter and friend.