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Fun • Thoughtful • Community-Builder

Her Story

Cindy Windover

Co-Owner Windover Plumbing, 2018 Citizen of the Year - Kawartha Chamber of Commerce

Cindy's Story :

A few years ago, I described myself as the small-town girl who’s never left her small town, and I’m totally ok with that.

And ….   I  LOVE shoes !      Like, I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoes or boots !    I’ve never met a pair I didn’t like.

I grew up surrounded by superheroes, and the more involved I get in our community, the more I see what we are fortunate in the Lakefield/Peterborough area to have an exceptional community that is forward thinking and often a leader in social initiatives … meaning I’m still surrounded by superheroes !

We all get fulfillment from different things.  For me, it’s building relationships and getting to know other amazing people that have a passion for their cause, whether it’s affordable housing, local youth, or supporting small business, we are all a piece of a big puzzle.

A few years ago I had the privilege of speaking at a Habitat for Humanity event where members of the Royal Family were.  Getting to meet them and chat about volunteering was certainly an experience I will not forget.

I’ve also been described as the person who can’t say “no” …. GUILTY.    I just love being part of a team or a committee that’s getting things done and I have met some of the coolest people and made some great friends over the years because of this involvement.

I’m going to include in here that I don’t just go to meetings and sit on committees.  I also drive a motorcycle, actually, a candy-apple red Spyder; which my husband says makes me one badass Grandma.  We have 3 grandkids and they call me “Yaya” and of all the things I do, they give me the most joy (other grandparents will relate) .

And, as a parent of grown up children, I’m so proud that our kids are also community minded and are carrying on the superhero tradition.

I think that as we move into different times in our lives, it’s important to stay fulfilled, however that looks.  For me, it’s building community and what a great community we have.