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Resilient • Strong • Compassionate

Her Story

Christine Watts

Design Manager and Senior Designer - Kawartha Lakes Construction

Christine's Story :

I must admit, when I found out I was nominated for Inspire, I was surprised!   To be included amongst this group of fantastic women is a great honor!

I also found it quite a challenge to write about myself. What do I write? So, here it goes…..

As a kid, I was fortunate enough to grow up on Stoney Lake.   I spent my days enjoying all the things living on the water had to offer, specifically canoeing, swimming and skiing.  Being on the water is my favorite place!   It provides me with a sense of calm & peacefulness when the world around me seems too loud.

My life-long passion is helping people transform their homes into something they love and love to spend a great deal of time in.  It’s gratifying to be given an opportunity that affects their daily lives because it’s the space they live in; it’s a large part of their surroundings, a space away from the busy society that encircles us today.  Providing a space to relax, enjoy, celebrate, or whatever they may be doing, made me thankful that I could contribute to improving someone’s personal space and hopefully add a little happiness.  As a Design Manager at Kawartha Lakes Construction, I’m grateful that I have such a fulfilling career where I can do this every day.

I’m also a mother of two.  My daughter, Taylor, who is 21, and my son, Nick, who is 16.  They are the center of my world!   They have kept me grounded and inspire me to do my best!  I am thankful to have such wonderful kids. And I am loving watching them grow into their own unique and beautiful selves!

On a personal note, I have had my share of challenges, social anxiety, depression, family health issues, divorce, learning to stand on my own two feet and balancing family life with a full time job. Some, still on-going.  Through it all, I have had many people, family and friends, who have helped me along the way.

To you, Thank you!   Thank you for your support, encouragement, advice and the odd “kick in the pants” when I needed it.

I’m a true believer in:
 Working hard and taking a time out to enjoy the small things
 Taking life challenges and looking for the positive and giving it all that I’ve got!
 That life constantly changes and embracing the new opportunities to learn something new
 Being thoughtful and kind to others, including myself
 Giving where I can
 And most of all, being grateful for everything that life has to offer!