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Artisit • Dog Lover • Compassionate

Her Story

Christine Baayen

Artist , Owner - As Good As Gold Kennels

Christine's Story :

I was a late bloomer, I think. I really didn’t know where my interests lay or what I was meant to do in this life. This was applicable both professionally and personally

In response to that I did everything I could to learn anything and everything…from languages to travel to people. I’ve worked in everything from offices to vet clinics to factory work.

I grew up in Peterborough with my parents and married the love of my life in my 30’s. This is where my life finally started to make sense. My husband, Karel and my Son, Sam and Ryan and his family have brought my circle to completion. My father who is an engineer has seen every puppy and been to every art show. Even if they don’t understand it all they are still there for every step.

The support of your family can take you far and wide from successes to failures. My failures in my family’s eyes is just practice. It never seems to matter how trivial or odd my adventures are my friends and family are there to cheer me on.,

My one consistent joy through my life has been dogs. I have trained them, groomed them, had sleepovers, loved them and finally we have started breeding golden retrievers. My first love.

We didn’t know that breeding would give our family such joy. We are very fortunate to have met some amazing people and remained friends with them. Donating a puppy for service from every litter is how we try to make sure that every person has an opportunity to have the freedom that that kind of puppy can bring to them.

In combination with learning my love of art at the art school of Peterborough and Haliburton school of arts and combining my love of dogs has been my greatest accomplishment.

The joy of living your life with the people that mean the most too you friends, family and dogs and art cannot be expressed in words. It is an expression of love.