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Courage • Integrity • Strength

Her Story

Christie Lee

Victim Services - City of Peterborough

Christie's Story :

I learned to play hockey when I was 38 years old….because who ever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; because it was a challenge, something I had always wanted to do and maybe just a little bit because he told me I couldn’t.

I wasn’t raised to be with someone who didn’t value me but evilness (as we know) never starts out that way. I was raised to be the helper….the kid who was dragged along to paint the neighbours fence, to bake for the school fundraiser, to cook for ill neighbours and friends. I grew up knowing nothing other than helping people – it is how I was raised, the skin I have grown into and what has attributed to my success both professionally and personally.

I have done a lot of new things since I left, each one I value as a small miracle. Small miracles are now things I look for in each day, I never take for granted and try to offer others. Adversity escapes no one, so stay humble (and kind – to borrow the words of Tim McGraw).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret my mistakes in life. Each one has taught me a lesson with the goal to be a better person, a better judge of character, a better advocate. It has led me to who I am today – the one who will never forget your birthday, your best day or your worst day. The one who will carry a piece of you with me wherever I go because I have learned as much from you as you from me. The one who is haunted by your stories of pain and grief and despite them still believes in miracles. I have learned that connections and successes are sometimes found in the smallest detail and sometimes it is the smallest act of kindness that goes the furthest and is remembered the longest.

I drive too fast, swear too much and will worry about the dirty dishes in the sink but in the middle of it all I will always try and make you laugh. The best laughs are those old fashioned belly laughs that hurt the next day, the ones that give you laugh lines around your mouth and the ones that if caught by a camera are the pictures you hang on your wall forever.

I still believe that face time is the best time, that it is good to be honest and kind, that it’s ok to lose the race. I believe that courage is both frightening and rewarding, that there is magic in everything – you just need to look for it. I believe that you should always remember where you came from and you should never stop standing up for what you believe in.