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Patient • Active • Strong-Willed

Her Story

Cheryll Dancey

Mother – Motocross Racer – Wakeboarder – Animal Rescue – Community Activist, Direct Care Worker – Stewart Homes

Cheryll's Story

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to write for my bio, the truth is there’s so much behind who I am today that it could never possibly fit into 300 words.. so I’ll start with how I got here.

About 2 1/2 years ago a, for lack of a better word… toxic relationship ended for me!

I was finally free, but free was just as much, if not even more scary, because it meant raising my three kids on my own, paying my bills on my own and working full time, it meant learning how to function in a world that I had been isolated from for so long again.

It meant making new friends, it meant having to hold it all together so my kids would never know I was crying on the inside!

Fast forward to the present, I have taken up Motocross, I ran a 5K marathon, we have made the news 3 times this year for community involvement so far.

I have met a man that treats the kids and I  with respect, dignity and not only supports me being in male dominated sports, but encourages it!

We went on our first family vacation, started fostering rescue dogs, rescued a cockatoo, donated over 2,000$ worth of stuff to local charities and moved into a beautiful home where there are no longer hard memories, only happy ones!

Every time I look into my children’s eyes I see nothing but happiness, and that, is my inspiration, I have always worried so much about how people viewed me and finally 2 years ago when I decided to not care.

I stopped worrying that I was a younger single mom of three and held my head high anyways,.

I stopped worrying about how people perceived my parenting, or thought I had to many animals or did to much for people when they didn’t do anything for me,.

I stopped worrying about the what everyone else thought and only then, is when I became a truly inspirational woman, only then did I have the confidence and care free attitude I required to live as happily as I do.

I can not begin to express the emotions that come over me every time I look at my life now and compare it to what it was… I have come so far, and will only go further, with the love and support of my amazing kids and partner!