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Passionate • True to Myself • Just Do it

Her Story

Cathy Svetec

Regional Manager Financial Planning - RBC

Cathy's Story :

I have often been called passionate, apparently due to the way in which I speak, coach and raise my children.

My inspiration started with my parents.  My father suffered a brain injury when I was 13 and life changed forever.  I watched my mother take over as his caregiver and our family support system.  She had a business, raised her 3 children and took dad to numerous doctor’s appointments.  During this time, she found her creative side, established herself as an artist and after dad died, she created a new self as a textile museum curator.  Our life changed in a heartbeat, yet she found a way to make the new life work.  She was my inspiration.  On her death, at her funeral, hearing from the many people she impacted, I learned what it was to “make a difference”.

She was my inspiration.  She taught me that women should have a voice, definitely have power and can do whatever they set their mind to.  I have endeavored to pass this on to my children and in my work, to all of those whom I have had the pleasure of working with.  I have been fortunate enough to watch my son and daughter grow into competent, entrepreneurial adults.  They continue to surpass my expectations and be a better version of myself and my husband.  I have watched many individuals whom have worked for me and with me, develop into a self that they were not aware existed, which has propelled their careers to new levels.  I have always worked to help those around me be their very best and look to their future, positioning themselves for the next challenge!

I have learned, that in life, the most important thing is to be true to yourself.  This has been somewhat challenging in my professional life as many times my path has been one where I speak my mind, ignoring politics, however looking for improvement, being respectful of my audience.  I have learned that to speak with passion means that you sometimes scare people, however they admire your fearlessness (or general ignorance of politics).  Early in my career, while writing a paper for a masters degree, my conclusion was that many times the overall goal of a project is lost in the politics and this left me always looking for the greater good, staying true to my end goal. This is what I have passed to my children, they are often outspoken, however they speak their mind, from the heart, respectful, yet passionate.  Sometimes, to be the receiver, while being hard to hear this coming back at me, I am proud.  Proud that we have raised children brave enough to speak their mind, and strive for the greater good!  Also proud that I have watched, women in particular, that I have worked with, aim high and achieve higher than they thought they could, just through having the vision inspired, and the encouragement to go for it!