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Positive • Sociable • Eloquent

Her Story

Cassia Piper

Property Administrator and In-House Paralegal Ashburnham Realty

Cassia's Story :

Hunter St has been the perfect backdrop to my life. This is where my parents fell in love, welcomed me home from the hospital and fell in love again with their forever partners. From there my four strong and supportive parents watched me take my first steps along Hunter St patios and make friends with anyone who walked by. I wouldn’t be the women I am today without my four parents and the Hunter St community; it really does take a village.

I knew at a young age that the relationship my parents had was special. They were able to ensure all transitions were seamless, for the good and the bad. I could walk to school and visit my same friends from both houses as they lived three blocks apart. This also meant that when I was in trouble at one house, I was in trouble at the other. This taught me that open communication is important.

I didn’t see them fight; I didn’t hear them argue. My parents had regular meetings, generally at a Hunter St pub, to discuss the school year, summer camp plans or tricks to stop me from talking in class. They supported my dreams and goals entirely. That was the bonus of having four of them, there was always a parent to step up and share in my area of interest. This also meant there was always a watching eye, whether a parent or a Hunter St patron. I always felt safe on Hunter St to be me.

When it was time to apply for my first job, my moms sent me with my resume to search along Hunter St. I was lucky enough to get my first job at the Night Kitchen and then at Black Honey before deciding to travel after high school. Once I came back to town, I hit up Hunter St again, this time I made it all the way to East City. The Ashburnham Ale House took me under their wing and gave me a home for over 5 years. Once I was ready for a career move, I was nervous I would have to leave my comfort zone. I was happy to hear that the AshRealty team has just moved their office to Hunter St.

Hunter St has come full circle and watched me fall in love and learn to navigate this new world.