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Passionate • Energetic • Friendly

Her Story

Carlotta James

Co-Founder: Peterborough Pollinators, Three Sisters Natural Landscapes

Carlotta's Story

Present…Life in Peterborough:

I am passionate about re-wilding urban greenspaces and creating pollinator pathways as a way of supporting resilient ecosystems and contributing towards a rich urban biodiversity in our city.

For most of my life,  I have been committed to community building projects, to protecting the natural environment, and to empowering citizens to develop local solutions to global problems.

I am the co-founder of Peterborough Pollinators, a citizen-led group that is committed to raising awareness of pollinator populations in Peterborough.  As a result of my leadership in the 2016-2017 Participatory Budgeting process, Peterborough Pollinators successfully created, designed and installed eight pollinator-friendly gardens in four wards across the City.

I am also co-founder of Three Sisters Natural Landscapes, an eco-landscaping social enterprise that offers landscaping services to businesses and homeowners in Peterborough and the Kawarthas. Three Sisters is part of a growing movement to re-imagine the design of urban spaces by incorporating native gardens that support wildlife habitat.

Alongside my passion to re-wild urban landscapes, I am also enthusiastic about documentaries, and am currently working on a new documentary project related to Monarch Butterflies whose populations are in steep decline.

Past…International Community:

My  deep curiosity about the world, and its diverse cultures and stunning natural environments, have led me through journey’s in China, South Africa, England, Australia, and Mexico where I worked and traveled for six years before starting university in Toronto.

In 2009,  I graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours B.A. in International Relations and Mandarin Chinese, where  I subsequently received a grant through the Canada-China Scholars Exchange Program to study Mandarin Chinese & ethnic minority groups in China for one year.

My career in international security began in 2010 when I became Outreach Manager and Research Coordinator at Psiphon in Toronto. At Psiphon, I spearheaded new research & outreach activities in Southeast Asia aimed at increasing awareness of government censorship, and managing projects with human rights organizations and international broadcasters, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, Broadcasting Board of Governors, and Deutsche Welle.

Because of my work experiences at Psiphon,  I will always support the right to freedom of expression for Internet users worldwide.