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Her Story

Carissa McIntyre

Author and Mother

Carissa's Story :

My name is Carissa McIntyre. I am an author, and the mother of 3 beautiful children.

I have called Peterborough my home for over a decade now, and it’s a wonderful place, filled with incredible people; people who have helped me completely rebuild and recreate my life, and I am very grateful for every single person I have met along the way.

My life up until two years ago was fairly normal.  I lived my life as a mother, I had a partner, I worked odd jobs, and I thought that was sort of it for me, until it wasn’t, and then everything around me fell apart.

In 2017, I sought safety from an abusive relationship and found myself homeless, with four children, one who wasn’t biologically mine.  When we arrived at Crossroads, the women’s shelter here in
Peterborough, we were broken, scared, and had lost so much.   I had never felt more alone, but from that moment on, the amazing community around me comforted me and provided me enough strength to restart my life for the better.

In losing myself, I truly found myself.  I found strength I didn’t know I had.  Courage.  Determination. Humility. Love. Trust. Passion. Life.  And I started that hard struggle to rebuild from the inside out.

Just before I had gone into the women’s shelter in 2017, I had wrote a book, on a whim, and self- published it. Writing had always been a strong passion of mine, as far back as I can remember, but more of a pipe dream rather than a business, but when I had no more direction left, I made one.

When we hit rock bottom, I used that time at the shelter to write another novel, to reach out for business help, to mentors, to the people around me, and I began to create a business.  I was determined to show my children that no matter what odds you face, no matter what you have been through, you can overcome anything, and come out for the better.  I wanted them to know that they can chase their dreams, no matter how crazy, and no matter where they’re coming from, or what they have.  I will always support them, and life will always get better.

I used what I had created to dig our way out.  We moved into a new home, and truly got settled again in life. We are flourishing, and happier than ever.  My business is booming, and I have gone on to write 5 novels now, and a series of blogs and workshops, and do a lot of speaking events.  I am truly chasing my dreams, and living them to the fullest each and every day.

Once I learned to speak out about my story, I realized how badly I wanted to inspire others.  I want to help women leave toxic places in their lives, I want to help them find confidence, strength, find
themselves, and to start living, and loving. That makes my soul happy, and that’s where you can find me right now.

Inspiring others.  Empowering others. And loving my life.
That’s my story. Thank you for reading.