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Tough • Tender • Gumptious

Her Story

Caitlin Currie

YES Emergency Shelter Manager

Caitlin's Story :

I’ve been privileged to have always been surrounded by strong women and femmes who have inspired and supported me; this continues to be true today. I am surrounded by strong women who I am grateful to call my partner, my mom, my cousins and aunties, my friends and the strong women and femmes I work with and for.
I work in a field dominated by women. As the Emergency Shelter Manager at the YES Shelter for Youth and Families my work brings me many rewards. One of which is the opportunity to bare witness to the power of femininity. I’ve watched my coworkers and peers be firm yet supportive, put their patience into building even the toughest rapport, and celebrate the success of one another even when we struggle with what feels like our own failures. In my work and in my life I aspire to be a tough and tender femme. To have the strength to charge through the challenging times with the sensitivity to approach everything with compassion.
Being recognized by the Inspire Women’s Project is an honour and I want to re-commit to myself and encourage others to support women and femmes. This practice has always been instilled in me by my family and friends who model living this value every day. This project is an opportunity to honour and celebrate other women and I am appreciative of the woman who nominated me.